African Wood Pipes

Originally I named this page cheap pipes, but then it struck me, is there still anything worthwhile in that bracket in existence?

Another fact is that cheap is a relative statement, for no two people would agree on exactly what is cheap and what is not… So, I changed it, and now it is the African Wood page, for it is the cheapest wood I could use for pipe making…

That however brings me back to the law of relativity, for cheap refers to the process of getting wood from the northern parts of the country, fuel, and sometimes the price I have to pay for that wood. Then I bring it home and realize why sometimes it’s best to stick to what I know, and that is Bruyére, the best wood in the pipe business!

I lose a huge amount of wood to get the perfect block from which I start working on, and it is time-consuming. All of this disappears when I get the perfect cut with a good grain, and I am then happy to make you a pipe out of it.

There is one exception to the rule though, and that is Black Ivory (Dalbergia Menoloxolyn). This is probably the most expensive wood in Africa, but none surpasses its beauty or smoking quality. See Background for more on this wood. You will find them listed under collectors pipes or unique pipes. The two types of wood listed below are Leadwood(darker color) and Wild olive (Lighter color).

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