Plaasbrak Rysmier


Universal system
Fishtail bit
Length 150mm
Width 44x28mm
Bowl id 20x50mm

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Plaasbrak (Mongrel Dog) is an Afrikaans slight on the English Bulldog. I love this shape and find it one of the most comfortable in the hand and in the mouth.

Rysmier (plural rysmiere) is an Afrikaans word, literally meaning “rice ants,” although their name is more commonly rendered into English as “white ants.”

They are not ants, though; they’re not even closely related to the ants.

In fact, they are termites.

Termites live in their underground nest, one or two meters beneath the mound.

The shape of their nest inspired the rusticated look of my “Rysmier” pipes.

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Dimensions 150 × 44 × 28 mm

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