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2 Smoke Holes
Extra Extra Plateaux Bruyere
Black Ivory Shims
Gecko Lip Bit
Protea Spacer

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The Ivarsson is an excellent example of a Blowfish Pipe.

Collector’s Pipes

Every now and then I lay my hands on an exceptional piece of wood that justifies the time and effort needed to produce one of my Collector’s Pipes.  Have a look at the Collector’s Pipe I have sold recently.

About the Ivarsson

Lars Ivarsson

Lars Ivarsson, son of Sixten Ivarsson, the quintessential grandfather of the great Danish Freehand movement originally designed the Blowfish.

This pipe’s name is my acknowledgment of the Ivarsson family.

The Blowfish shape is one that shows the best of the grain, and each carver has his own interpretation of this lovely freehand shape.

Both the neck and bowl are made from a stunning piece of Plateaux Bruyere (which is French for Briar).

A protea spacer and Black Ivory shims are fitted to the pipe.

The stem is a Gecko bit.

Two smoke holes to create a much more balanced distribution of smoke in the mouth.

About the Blowfish Pipe

There appear to be two schools of thought as to what makes a Blowfish Pipe.  The Blowfish Pipe is classified as part of the Freehand Family.  Neither is considered correct/incorrect.

The Blowfish is a very unusual shape.  The design varies from maker to make.  The essential elements are:

  • the bowl is an asymmetric flattened ball and the stem bent,
  • blending into the body near the bottom of the bowl,
  • and the grain of the wood crosses the tobacco chamber,
  • making the rounded sides birdseye grain surrounded by straight grain.

The transitions from the shank to the bowl must be flowing and organic.

You won’t find an inexpensive Blowfish because of the difficulty of making the design and the grain requirements for the wood.

The Blowfish shape demonstrates the best of both the straight grain and birdseye.

It is definitely the pipe for those who love the grain patterns of the briar.

Source: Pipedia

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